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Durham Region Non-Profit Housing Corporation (DRNPHC) is a social housing provider that owns and manages more than 1100 apartment and townhouse rental units at 19 sites across Durham Region in the Province of Ontario. The purpose of this website is to provide general information about the Corporation, its policies, operations, and mission as part of an overall communication strategy for all of our stakeholders.


Looking for Housing

How do I apply for a market rent unit?

Our locations have wait lists for mark rent units. When a unit is available for rent, we access our market rent waiting lists in chronological order. Please fill out a market rent wait list application. Remember to contact us if your information changes so that we can get in touch with you when your name reaches the top of the list.

How do I apply for subsidized housing?

 The Region of Durham manages the centralized waitlist for subsidized housing. You can reach the housing services department at 905.666.6222 or

Do you have emergency Housing?

We do not have emergency housing. Here are some resources in the community if you are in a crisis situation:

Distress Centre Durham 1.800.452.0688

Durham Mental Health Crisis 905.666.0483

Cornerstone 905.433.0254

Muslim Welfare House 905.665.0424

Joanne’s place 905.239.9477


Current Tenants

How do I pay my rent?

 Your rent is due on or before the first day of each month.  We have a variety of ways  to pay rent to make it easy for you! We accept:

Pre-authorized debit: You can get a pre-authorized payment form at our office. Payment will come out of your bank account on the first business day of the month.

Cheque: You can give us post-dated cheques or give us one each month before the first business day of the month. You can leave cheques in the drop box at our office anytime.

Interac: We accept Interac payments at our office during business hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Money order: You can leave money orders in the drop box at our office anytime. Make sure you write your name and address on the money order so we know who it’s from!

Online: We offer online payments through the following banks:  Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, Telpay, Tangerine, Central one and Meridian Credit Union. First, you must contact head office to determine your on-line account payment number.  Payments made by telephone or on-line banking usually take two business days for your bank to process, so please ensure that DRNPHC will receive your payment by the 1st of the month.

We do not accept credit cards.

How do I request a repair?

There are 2 ways to request a repair. You can go to our website at and go to Request for Repair tab OR contact our office at 905-436-6610 and advise you want to request a repair, you will be transferred to a customer service team member. If it is an emergency such as fire, flood, lack of heat, please contact your superintendent first.

I received as subsidy in my unit and I recently got a new job. When do I have to tell DRNPHC about this?

Please tell us about any changes to your income or household as soon as it happens. You can send us changes by email, fax, mail or drop off documents at our head office. Whatever way is easiest for you!

I am moving out, what do I need to do?

You must give our office two full months written notice before you move out.  The notice period must begin on the first day of the month. You are responsible for the rent and utilities (if applicable) for the full notice period, even if you move out earlier.

We prepared a report on the condition of your unit before you moved in. Once you’ve given your notice, we prepare another report before you move out. By comparing the two reports, we track damages beyond normal wear and tear, and charge tenants for these damages.

During the notice period, our staff will show your apartment to prospective tenants. You must leave your unit clean and empty when you move out.

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