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Durham Region Non-Profit Housing Corporation (DRNPHC) is a social housing provider that owns and manages more than 1100 apartment and townhouse rental units at 19 sites across Durham Region in the Province of Ontario. The purpose of this website is to provide general information about the Corporation, its policies, operations, and mission as part of an overall communication strategy for all of our stakeholders.


Change is in the Air at Durham Region Non-Profit Housing

Oshawa, Ontario – Durham Region Non-Profit Housing is excited to introduce a no smoking policy for the people of Durham residing in over 1100 rental housing units.

A survey completed earlier this year revealed strong support among current tenants of Durham Region Non-Profit Housing for a smoke-free living environment with 92% agreement that second-hand smoke was harmful to their health and 54% of tenants indicating they would like to see the whole property become smoke-free.

Our no smoking policy will be implemented on April 1, 2015 with half of our 18 properties, the remaining 9 sites will adopt the policy on October 1, 2015. As of these dates, the lease agreement for new tenants will contain a no smoking clause. Current tenants of Durham Region Non-Profit Housing will be ‘grandfathered’ (exempted) from this policy for the duration of their tenancies but should they so choose, are welcome to voluntarily sign a new lease containing the no smoking clause.

“By adopting this new policy, there are many benefits to our tenants. Healthier housing is created by reducing second hand smoke risks, and no smoking decreases fire risks and fatalities. Our residents recognize this as a positive move for themselves and their families and we are proud to assist their efforts in cleaning the air” says Bill Clapperton, Executive Director for Durham Region Non-Profit Housing Corporation.

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Contact Name: Patti Bell, Director of Operations
Phone: 905 436 6610 ext 212

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