Internal Transfer

DRNPHC has an internal transfer policy that describes how existing tenants apply and are approved for a transfer from one DRNPHC unit to another unit within its portfolio. All transfer requests must be in writing and must include the reason for the request and any supporting documentation. All requests from tenants currently receiving rent-geared-to-income assistance are reviewed by a Transfer Committee. The Committee can approve, deny, or defer a transfer request. Transfer requests for medical and safety and abusive situations require additional documentation. Transfer Policy

Guests and Visitors

DRNPHC has a guest policy which defines the different types of ‘guests’ and details how long guests and visitors can stay with existing DRNPHC tenants. In general, DRNPHC tenants can have someone stay with them for a period of up to two weeks without requiring written authorization from the Corporation. The policy describes the process that tenants must follow for requesting an extension for stays of greater than two weeks, grounds for the Corporation to refuse to approve a guest’s stay, and the penalties for not reporting guests and visitors. Guest Policy


The Corporation has a misrepresentation policy which details how it investigates misrepresentation of income assets, or occupancy of RGI assisted households. RGI tenants must report changes in their income assets, or occupancy within 10 days of its occurrence. Failure to report changes will, at minimum, result in retroactive rent charges and may in some cases result in Criminal charges being laid. Tenants that are convicted through the Landlord and Tenant Board for misrepresentation of income in relation to RGI assistance are ineligible for RGI assistance in Ontario for a period of two years. Misrepresentation Policy

Community Relations

DRNPHC can provide assistance and information on community support agencies for a great variety of issues. Tenants of DRNPHC are encouraged to contact the Manager of Tenant Services to find out more. The Corporation will provide guidance and assistance to tenants who wish to start resident associations or resident based events in their community. The Corporation strives to keep its tenants informed on important changes to legislation and other issues that can affect them via newsletters, information flyers, letters, and on site information sessions.

Other Policies