Tenant Services

Tenant Placement

DRNPHC has two Tenant Placement Officers who are responsible for filling subsidized and full market rent vacancies. All subsidized vacancies are filled by selecting eligible applicants from the centralized waiting list managed by the Durham Access to Social Housing (DASH). Market vacancies are also filled from a waiting list, however occasionally applications are taken from walk-in clients for apartments and townhouse units available.
For more information regarding Market Rent Units please contact Cathy Huberg, and for Rent-Geared-to-Income information please contact Michelle Ekker.
For an application for Rent-Geared-to-Income please click here

Rent Assessment

DRNPHC has one Rent Assessment Officer whose main function is to conduct Annual Income and Asset Reviews for all tenants who receive RGI assistance. Annual Income and Asset Reviews must be completed at least once every 12 months, or whenever there is a change in the source or amount of a household’s income and assets. Changes in income, assets, or unit occupancy must be reported within 10 days of the change. For informtion regarding Annual Reviews, and Rent Assessment please contact Debbie Craig.


All requests for transfer to another unit within DRNPHC’s portfolio must be in submitted in writing to 28A Albert Street. All requests are reviewed by a Transfer Committee and acknowledged in writing.

Notices to Vacate

All tenants wishing to vacate their unit must submit written 60 days notice to 28A Albert Street. All tenant notices to vacate must end on the last day of the month. Tenants giving short notice, less than 60 days, will be held responsible for the additional period of time required for ‘proper’ notice.

Team Members

Rent Assessment Officer

    • Conducting annual income and asset reviews for all tenants who receive RGI assistance
    • Issuing Notices of Rent Increase as approved by the Board of Directors
    • Calculating rental charges in response to a change in income, assets, or unit occupancy for all tenants who receive RGI assistance

Tenant Placement Officer

    • Filling vacancies for subsidized and market rent units
    • Scheduling of unit viewings for potential tenants
    • Responding to inquiries for rental accommodation

Customer Service Officer

    • Responsible for client/tenant relations
    • Intake of Market Rent inquiries and applications
    • Setting of appointments to view vacant units
    • Assisting with rental application processing


    • Maintains front desk reception area, including
    • Intake of phone calls
    • Intake and output of mail
    • Creating monitoring reports
    • Cash payment intake for rent payments